Giving Away Money is Satisfying, but Raises Broader Issues for College Class


Since 2009 a philanthropy class at Binghamton University has allowed students to make offer $150,000 to local nonprofits. While the popularity of the class may be due with the prospect of donating money and the satisfaction of making a difference in their community, the students have seen how difficult it is to make funding decisions. They have also been confronted with the critiques of how philanthropy is currently practiced.

Most critiques of philanthropy take are designed for wealthy contributors like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Bill Gates and also the tax system which makes it simpler to allow them to gather great fortunes.

The first of these critiques contends that philanthropy enables the rich, by themselves, to determine how you can fix the world’s greatest problems, like poverty and insufficient educational possibilities.

Second, they are saying a rigged tax system unfairly subsidizes wealthy contributors when compared with everybody else, providing them with much more money to make use of in deciding how you can eradicate disease or cleanup the atmosphere.

The issue with addressing these complaints about the current state of philanthropy is the extent to which one advocates for a total overhaul of the existing system or more moderate change. Read the Entire Article

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